Dadanism Screen Protector Compatible with Microsoft Surface Pro 6 2018 / Pro 5 (Pro 2017) / Pro 4 / Pro LTE Tablet, [Not Glass] [Anti Glare] [Scratch Resistant] [PET Film Writing]

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Dadanism Screen Protector for Microsoft Surface Pro 6/5/4/ Surface Pro LTE
Our film makes you draw on the iPad like on paper, realizing a solid drawing feeling close to paper. No longer afraid of slipping in use, easy to clean dirt and dust!

Specifications Material: Environmental Protection PET Dimension: 11.38*7.76*0.1IN (289*197*0.33mm) Package Dimension: 14.57*8.90IN (370*226mm)
Note: Fit for Microsoft Surface Pro 6/5/4/ Surface Pro LTE! Please check back bottom of your iPad to find the model number!

Accessory Content
1*Screen Protector
1*Wet Alcohol Prep Pad
1*Cleaning Cloth
1* Dust-absorption Sticker

Film Installation
1. Clean your iPad screen with the alcohol prep pad
2. Wipe the screen with cleaning cloth. Note: Clean it many times to ensure the screen is clean enough
3. Use the dust-absorption sticker to make sure the screen is dust free
4. Take the protector and peel the protective layer off the adhesive side
5. CAREFULLY place the screen protector by aligning the edges of the display along the outline.
6. Press the middle of the screen protector with your finger after aligning the screen
7. Sweep the screen surface with the cleaning cloth to remove any bubbles, dust and dirt. Perfectly installed!

Removing Dirt Particles
1. Gently lift the corner of the film near the dust particle, being careful not to damage the backside of the film
2. Gently touch the film with the dust-absorption sticker to pick the dust particle off the tacky surface
3. After the particle is removed, lay the film back onto the screen and push out any bubbles that might form during this process.


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